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What Are Retaining Walls?

Retaining walls are solid built walls designed to support a “wedge” of soil and create a level difference in a landscape. They have both practical and cosmetic functions and are a popular choice in gardens and driveways where the ground needs to be leveled.

You can install residential retaining walls in your garden, to create raised flower beds or cascading plants for retaining walls and design an interesting landscape. Or you can build them in front of the house to define and extend your driveway, giving it a nice look and a safe space for parking your car.

Materials for Retaining Walls

Because of the water that is accumulating in the soil above, the added pressure can be damaging to the wall if it doesn’t have any draining systems. The same problem can occur if the material it’s made of is not porous enough to drain itself. Make sure your retaining wall can release the water in the soil above and adapt it’s draining capability to the climate you live in.

Retaining walls must be relatively rigid and strong enough to support the weight of the soil. There are many ways of building a wall that is solid enough, including a trapeze-shaped wall, earth anchors for retaining walls or placing it on an underground foot that counterbalances it.

Here are some of the best materials to work with when building a draining wall:

  • Boulders
  • Natural stone
  • Cement
  • Drystone
  • Interlocking concrete blocks for retaining walls
  • Bricks
  • Gabion: rock cages for retaining walls
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Why You Should Hire Us to Build Your Retaining Wall

Because retaining walls are often built for structural use, the engineering behind them must be correct. Otherwise, you risk damage, collapse, and even injuries. If the wall is supporting a wedge of soil, the wall must be strong enough to support its weight, plus the added weight of water, snow, and ice in the colder seasons.

Hiring a professional team to build your retaining wall will ensure that most possible issues will be anticipated and prevented, as they are easily seen by a team with experience. The preparations that precede the actual building of the wall are just as important as laying those blocks, and choosing the right materials and designs should be left to someone who is specialized in building retaining walls. 

Besides the expertise and experience that come with hiring our team, you will also get the right tools, equipment, and materials for your project. Since the type of material is so important for the wall’s function, it is best to follow a professional’s advice when it comes to the best options for your garden.

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