Table Concrete vs AsphaltWe as Driveway Plus have decided to make this blog to contribute somehow and share with our friends, client, and future clients, some knowledge about driveway repair, driveway replacement, retaining walls, patios, and walkways. Everything related to our area of ​​expertise and the years of experience we have in this area to help you in some way concerning the design of your home’s entrance, landscape, and much more.

And to start, we choose a fantastic project that we made for a beautiful family in Acworth, GA.
It is a beautiful house whose entrance was with a crushing. On our first visit to talk with the client and get into the project a little more, he was in doubt about concrete or asphalt, which is a question that is very common among the clients. We leave this image below with a link that will help you understand which option is best for you.

Two relevant factors to us in this project were: First of all, durability as concrete has a more extended durability. We have always decided to offer a more reliable guarantee for our customers. The second point is that with concrete, we can provide greater thermal comfort for the house and for the house’s animals, which was a particular feature of this project, something we will do next.

The project covers ​​more than 8490 square feet of concrete for a driveway, including 16×60 or 960 square feet with 03 drains. We remove pre-existing debris and extra dirt and take it away.
And we sub-base repacked, and gravel added the area, we pulled shallow roots from the garage. In addition, we classify the area leading to a new level of the driveway and good inclination to direct the water away from home; the levels verified with a laser, then we install and compact the crushing passage.

In the next step, we put concrete 4 ” – 5 ” thick 4000 PSI, which after 30 days, becomes = 4800 PSI; our concrete is reinforced with monofilament microfibers. Control joints were machined every 8 ‘-10’ in width. Another thing was the PVC conduit installed under the garage for a future sprinkler system or electrical wiring. And for the final touch, we made the framed frame with a light broom finish and edges, and as always, We leave the construction site perfectly clean for customer satisfaction.

We made fallow the whole process since the apron through the patio behind the garage. One of the peculiarities of this project was this area behind the garage, where we created a concrete patio for the customer to park his RV. But it is also a space where the customer uses to wash their horses after riding them, and a big problem for a family was the water issue.

We put a triple system of the drain ( Catch basin – that you can see on the picture below, with the link from Home depot). That was adequately positioned drains after doing the leveling with leisure to resolve the issue. However, we do not dispense the human factor with our team’s ability to make the proper angle and details required manually. The quest for water running into the house has always been a problem for customers. But with a well-prepared team with the latest technology, we can solve this problem quickly.



If you plan to renovate your garage or make a brand new one as was the case with this family, you can contact us throughout the Atlanta area, and if you have any specific questions about your project, we will be more than happy to meet you and give a personalized consultation at your residence and attend to your project.

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