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Home is where your heart lies, but nothing truly says homey like a great walkway that seems to just invite people to stop by for a visit and a patio where those visits can become great memories. The American dream is practically revolved around this idealistic image of the home, and with our services, we can turn it into reality!

While the walkways can really boost your curb appeal, the patios are something you get to enjoy for yourself, though we’d really recommend not choosing one over the other. Whether you just want a nice change in your house or need to increase home value, adding great walkways and patios can truly be the way to go. At Driveway Plus , we offer amazing patio and walkway services that address your needs, from developing it from scratch to improving the ones you already have – and want to love more.

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Walkway Designs

The walkway isn’t just a convenient way to connect various areas of your property. They can have a lot to say about the overall image of a house if done with style.

And, they come in different styles based on the materials you choose:

  • Brick – Brick walkways and patios are popular because they are durable and can add a nice touch of color;
  • Stone – Stone for patios and walkways is timeless in style, and can go with various different types of aesthetics;
  • Wood – It’s a great solution for shorter areas to cover;
  • Concrete – Nothing says durable like concrete. Nowadays you can even color it to give it an extra touch of style;
  • Bluestone – Fun fact, some bluestone patios, and walkways aren’t even blue, but they’re all durable and can have stunning effects when you combine them.

Walkways are integral to your home, and if you do them in style, you can completely change the entire appeal of the house. Our team at Driveway Plus Atlanta have the creativity and technical know-how to recommend the best style for your home!

Or, if you’re not looking for a new walkway per se, we can also help improve the one you already have. That uneven stone must be driving you crazy, right?

Patio Aesthetics

Think of what you normally do in your patio. Chances are, the words family and friends are going to pop up eventually. That’s because patios are the ideal place for family and friends gathering, whether it’s a birthday party or a summer barbecue you feel like throwing.

The patio isn’t just the exterior of the home – it’s part of it. It needs to be practical, sure, but practicality doesn’t always exclude beauty. Take a look at patios and walkways pictures on our website to see the amazing transformations our team can do.

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